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And have an adventure


 Eat Well, Get Fit, And Have An Adventure 

About the Business

The days are long, but the years are short. You have so much to see and do in your life, and we believe your health and fitness level should not hold you back from living the life of your dreams! 


I started And Have An Adventure (AHAA) Fitness because life is full of adventures, and the most beautiful sights I've seen and most incredible experiences I've had required a baseline level of fitness and a confidence in my body. I want to help more people, especially women, live their fullest, most adventurous lives. 


Exercise shouldn't just be something you feel obligated to do, or a box to check each day, exercise should empower you to collect new experiences, AND HAVE AN ADVENTURE. 

Whether your idea of adventure is walking around your neighborhood, feeling energized to play with kids after long workdays, spending time with your loved ones, hiking, biking, running, taking on a new home improvement project, or maybe even signing up for obstacle races, triathlons or marathons –  it's never too late to try something new.  

Read about our first adventure:

transforming our garage into a studio!

About AHAA


Fitness Class

Boot Camp 

Tuesday + Thursday 

Boot camp sessions run for 4 weeks and include two sessions per week.


These workouts are high-intensity and high-impact! They are designed to get your heart rate up and you'll continue to burn calories long after the workout is over. 




Personal Training

Flexible to Match Your Schedule

1-on-1 session designed specifically for your goals and needs. A month of personal training services includes:

  • Movement Assessment

  • 1 Guided Session Per Week 

  • Monthly Workout Program

  • Nutrition Support



Llifting Weights

Small Group Personal Training

See Calendar for Days + Times

Purchase a bundle of classes to schedule at your convenience each week based on your schedule.

Sessions include: 

  • Total Body Strength

  • Core + Stability 

  • Strength + Stretch





My mission is to empower women to become stronger, more confident, and energized to lead more fulfilling lives. 

All bodies are different and require different nourishment and movement to feel best. Sometimes a little extra support from someone who is as dedicated to your goals as you are can make all the difference. 

Getting into fitness can be daunting, especially with conflicting information around every corner on the internet. Now more than ever, it is critical to stay active and nourish your body with healthy foods as a first line of defense against anxiety, daily stressors, and the impending health crises of everyday Americans. 

It can also be difficult to make time for the issues we care about. To offer another incentive for self-improvement, 10% of all session costs are donated to support a local program to improve our Fredericksburg- area community, or to broad organizations who advance racial and social justice.

We rise by lifting others, and imagine how much better able we can help others if we show up for ourselves first, and build habits grounded in self-love.

We rise by

        lifting others

Helping Hands
About Me

About Me: Emily Setlock

My interest in fitness and nutrition started during college, when I was on a full-ride scholarship for volleyball. This was before I understood the links between training and food for optimal performance. Once volleyball ended and I had to navigate the world of exercise on my own, I tried a variety of training plans in search of my next "thing."

I signed up for a half marathon and sprint triathlon and my workouts were just to be able to finish as a first timer. I loved the community and shared experience of running and biking - not so much the swimming - with hundreds of strangers. Looking back, it's clear I was searching for a team-like atmosphere where I could find support and accountability. 


From there, I tried different strength workouts for a few weeks at a time, and that's where my true love of strength training began. Not only was I in better shape than I was as a college athlete, but it became more about finding out what else I could do than trying to lose weight or look a certain way. This is the joy, self-love, and confident curiosity that I hope to share with you. 


Like so many women, I’ve experimented with different diets, many a variation of calorie counting and making lists of "DO NOT EAT" foods for months at a time, so I could "get back on track." After years of attempting these fad diets and trying to restrict myself, I realized this approach left me feeling at odds with myself, and contributed to even less confidence in my body. I've settled on a plant-based diet with tasty treats in moderation, simply because it makes my body feel great, aligns with my goals, and it’s sustainable. 


I share all of this because I assume you can relate. Because you know that being fit and healthy is a journey, and it looks different for all of us. There is no right way, and there is no real destination. It's an ongoing process that can be so much more enjoyable when you frame it as an adventure, and when you can celebrate with others. 

As a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I look forward to hearing about your journey so far. I want to work together to help find goals you’re excited about, a realistic routine, and a community that pushes and celebrates you. At the end of the day I want you to feel stronger and healthier to live a life you love. 

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