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Peronal Training

Personal Training

Workout Shoes

Initial Assessment

This can be done virtually through zoom for a more detailed movement assessment, or over the phone. I'll need to know more about your history - health, exercise, nutrition - before we can determine where to begin your training. I will send the list of questions ahead of time so you'll have an idea of what we'll talk about. The zoom assessment will take about an hour, and the phone call will last for about 30 minutes. 


Gym Equipments

customized Training Program

We will work together to create a plan that is sustainable for your goals, preferences, abilities, and schedule. Whether you are new to strength training, or an experienced weight lifter, the details of your program will be carefully designed to reach your desired outcome. I will ensure that you understand how to do each exercise correctly for maximum gains and to avoid injuries, and explain the WHY behind programming details: sets, repetitions, tempo, rest intervals, and everything in between. 


Fresh Produce

Individualized Nutrition PLan

Instead of trying to fit your lifestyle into a meal plan, we will work together to make a nutrition plan that fits you. Using information from your initial assessment, we can determine your daily needs, and then translate those numbers into foods and habits for a flexible approach to dieting. This can be quantitative (calorie counting and macro tracking) or qualitative (eating mindfully, eat the rainbow, portion awareness). Both can be effective, but since nutrition plays such a key role in improving body composition, we want this to be sustainable and as easy to follow as possible. We want to focus on small changes we can make consistently that will turn into lifestyle changes for the long haul.

Not deprivation, but moderation. 



Support + Accountability

Making a plan is easy, sticking to the plan is the hard part. I hope to equip you with strategies and a plan you enjoy following to make it as seamless as possible. I will be available for questions and concerns, and I will also check in as frequently as you need to make sure you are staying on track with your goals. If you feel the need to log food and exercise daily for feedback, or if you want a quick follow up email at the end of the week to share progress and check in, even accountability can be customized to fit your needs. 


Small Group

Small Group Personal Training

Total Body Strength

50-minute class for those who want to build muscle and improve cardio fitness through circuit style training.  


Each week will be a blend of strength exercises for each muscle group, with some core and cardio exercises sprinkled throughout. 


Core & Stability

50-minute class to develop core strength and stability. Core strength plays a critical role in posture and balance, and actually involves way more than just your abdominals--hence the plus! 

Classes will be different each week, but will include a mix of balance, groundwork, and strength exercises.

Gym Class

Strength + Stretch

50-minute class designed to strengthen, but also to stretch and improve mobility.

Strength exercises will target the major muscle groups, but up to half of the class time will be spent stretching. Calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, oh my!

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat
Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Boot camp runs in 4-week sessions, meaning for 4 weeks, I am counting on you to show up 2 times each week for a 45 minute high intensity interval training session for cardio conditioning and strength training. High-intensity just means giving everything you've got during the work interval, and recovering during the rest interval so you can give you best effort the whole time through. High impact means jumping or movements that require more agility and quick up and down (think burpees), but modifiers are always an option if you are interested in high-intensity, but prefer low-impact. 

The other component of boot camp is weekly homework for 3 weeks, which will include additional workouts to be completed on your own (or social distancing with a friend), and a commitment to more mindful eating to jump start healthy habits. 

4 weeks, 8 classes-- It won't always be easy, but it will be worth it. 

Fitness Class

Nutrition Guidance 


Maybe you feel good about your current workout routine, or aren't quite ready to start a workout routine yet, but you are interested in making some changes related to your diet.


Contrary to popular belief, a diet does not have to be restrictive or punitive, and we certainly shouldn't label foods as "good" or "bad," or feel that certain foods need to be earned or burned. Diet just describes a pattern of eating, which is why a flexible approach that focuses on nourishing your body and eating foods you love in moderation is the most sustainable. 

I am a Certified Nutrition Coach. I am not a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist. The services that I offer include evaluating your current diet, determining appropriate caloric and macronutrient goals using resources from government health organizations, and then translating those numbers into foods and habits. This does not mean counting calories, it just means developing a better understanding of appropriate serving sizes and practicing more mindful eating. I can check in with you to see what's working, offer suggestions if things aren't working, or teach you strategies in situations that might hinder your progress. I can help hold you accountable to establish healthy habits. 

I cannot prescribe meal plans or menus, provide nutrition therapy, or prescribe dietary plans to anyone with chronic conditions. 

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